There is an UGLY Side to every being no exception...Why this Halla Bol!

The ill fated cricket match (India vs Australia World Cup Semi-final - for the miniscule cricket hating public who don't know what I am referring to) raised a tornado on social network and the people who wanted to distinguish themselves from the common junta started defending the Indian team and a particular actress.While this is commendable one wonders if both the parties are deserving of such tenderness. I day dreamed on how wonderful it would be if everyone in my life treated me so well!

One scenario - I get paid unlimited crores, I get the undying devotion from a few hundred million people and I wind up an important match with a few jokes on the media's fickleness, express happiness at having atleast reached thus far, go back home and count some more money. At this point money is of no consequence to me as I can buy all the villages in India and some more. I see nothing really wrong with my strategy or my team's overall performance and fighting spirit so I'm wondering why such a fuss is being made...silly goose the better side won did'nt it?? That's an earth shattering revelation!.....I kept my cool above all else and that is what is going down in history. Indian fans are always crazy and luckily for me there is a lot of infighting within those crazies so I get off easy.. HAH!!

Second scenario - I'm an actress, I come to watch a match where the star player is a friend (?) of mine and I have been identified as a WAG and definitely know that at some point during the match I will grab the eye-balls of a billion people. I have already faced nasty comments which I have squashed with a "oh , but that's so primitive" and have made a movie that shows the mentality of a section of Indian men. Should I or my fraternity be shell shocked at the  trolling I got ,which is admittedly disgusting , or should I just ask people to move on?

We have n+1 religions in India, the +1 being cricket and the 1 billion+ of us know how religion is used to unabashedly destroy communities, massacre people and change the course of history. So why are we registering so much shock at people ranting at a cricket match when cricket occupies the same pedestal.

We seem to be molly-coddling the cricket team and as far as the actress is concerned she had already shown she can fight her own battles.

Lay off you pseudo conscionable bunch of self proclaimed saints, both parties have grown up on cricket and movies and  are well aware of the perils of both. Accountability is just not for the common man!

(P.S: I have gone from Dhoni-is-my-man to Dhoni-Who???, please don't judge me too harshly for my sentiments, I demand the same tenderness you have been pouring on the Indian Cricket Team and a certain actress!)


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