Friday, October 9, 2009

Is it the "Noble" Peace Prize now???

Shocked, puzzled and then a little cynical - I was all of these things when I heard that President "Yes we can" Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I thought people were kidding so I dutifully looked it up on the net on my company's time and confirmed the news.

The other thing that came to my mind was whether the jury had confused "Nobel" with "Noble"?? I have no doubt that Obama has earned the latter title because when compared to Junior (read mentally handicapped) Bush and Horny Clinton, President Obama is way ahead of his predecessors in the nobility department.

But c'mon guys....a 'Nobel' Peace Prize?!? I find that more difficult to digest than the soggy Bhel Puri that our company's cafeteria provides. Ok maybe I'm just a stupid, illiterate woman who has not yet discovered all of Obama's wonderful achievements. So like always I used the "when in doubt, Google!" trick and Wikipedia jumped out with the information. I skimmed through it and apart from his extended family being a "mini-United Nations" and him being the first African American President I couldn’t find any other remarkable achievement that would justify the honor that is being bestowed upon him.

So what gives?? Is this a little bribe to make sure that he perseveres on the difficult path that he has chosen? Worst of all, poor Obama accepted the honor saying “I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who've been honored by this prize”. I guess he knows (or will come to know at any rate) that most of the world and half of his own countrymen feel exactly the same way. It’s a shame to embarrass a good man and malign a revered honor.

Also, pledging more aid to Pakistan is really not one of the best ways to bring peace in the Indian subcontinent or to the world in general. Maybe India would be well-advised to honor Obama with the Gandhi Peace Prize. On the other hand, maybe not as the 10 million cash prize (convertible in any currency in the world) might just end up as more aid to our friendly neighbor.
All said and done, Obama has definitely proved one thing – “YES HE CAN” … that is win the Nobel Peace Prize!! J

Roopa Prabhakar


Santosh AR said...

Hi Roopa. You summed up nicely my initial reaction. have been reading up this morning to understand more. Going forward its inappropriate if Nobel committee decides to posthumously award Gandhiji(Obama's hero).

Fuzzy_Logic said...

Hi Santosh,
I still have not understood why ....he should have been given an opportunity to prove that he's worthy of it atlest,instead of dumping it on him