A Hollow victory - Cricket is a funny game but it gets half-witted in England.

Super Over. Have I said enough? I have no idea what substance the beauties who dreamed up the rule - "In the event of a tie the side who has hit the most boundaries wins" were inhaling. But I'm sure even our boys who play gully cricket would have come up with a better alternative. What gives? Were they so desperate to hand over the trophy to England? If that was the case then forget the Super Over, toss a 2 headed coin ask Morgan to call it heads and hand him the trophy! That would have been the most decent thing to do. 

The England team must surely feel that this is a hollow victory. Just because you are on the right side of the fence does not mean that you cannot see the shit that was thrown at the Kiwis with these inane rules. Or for that matter on all the teams in the tournament. The lovely English weather whose unpredictability is common knowledge was thrust on the cricket world exactly like how the British thrust the Royal Family on the rest of the world - forcefully and with vulgar motives. The least you can do is give competing teams a full day's session of sport - It's "Let the best team win" not "Let the best team who were lucky enough to get the best weather win". Fair play just went under a dark cloud in England. 

However, they were lucky that the Kiwi's got the better of Indians in the semi-finals, though you cannot escape the fact that Karma did get back at Guptill, the brilliant throw to the stumps that dismissed Dhoni got back and bit him in the heinie when he so desperately needed that last run. Not so smug now are we? Sorry, he had that coming for breaking a billion hearts. If the final had played out in this fashion with India, England would have been attacked by its former colony and the only loot recovered would be the World Cup. The Kohinoor can wait, after all we've waited all these years. 

The British have given the world many great things - the English language which I have used to disparage them, Sherlock Holmes and Tea. They have also looted the world many times over but looting their convict cousins out of a world cup is hitting a new low even for them!


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