Monday, September 22, 2008

REALITY TV - Is the IDIOT box making an IDIOT out of you? (April 2008)

Why would any sane person waste their precious time following the adventures of two dumb blondes milking cows on the countryside? You wonder why indeed!? And horror of horrors you suddenly realize that the sane person is you! Welcome to the world of Reality Shows! My initiation into the world of Reality TV started when a colleague of mine remarked that the show “The Simple Life” was disgusting and mind-numbingly dumb but at the same time it was hard to take one’s eyes off it. After having heard this oxy-moronic description of the show I decided to check it out and found myself actually having dinner and watching two blondes whose combined IQ would not have been greater than any animal they were attempting to feed, milk or bathe in the show. But then it struck me that the person watching this garbage would have to be a shade more brain-dead than the pretty blondes on the show who were taking home a fat paycheck to add to their already overflowing bank accounts.

Well, what is this fascination with Reality Shows all over the world? Simon Powell deserves a Nobel Prize for discovering the “The Stupidity Gene” in the human race. His “Idol” shows all over the globe has people following their idol’s every sneeze, and playing havoc on their emotions by squeezing as much melodrama as he can into the show. After his very successful global venture we have people getting lost, bachelors finding brides, celebrities dancing their hearts out with ordinary riffraff, supermodels being discovered and finally our very own Shilpa Shetty’s claim to world-wide fame – THE BIG BROTHER!!!

And you wondered how time flies when you are in front of the TV eh??? Add to that the IPL which is nothing but glorified REALITY CRICKET TV and your cup runneth over!! The headlines read “Bhajji slaps Sreeshant” with a picture of Sreeshant sobbing all over his chubby face and you know that Reality Cricket has finally arrived!
So the next time you tune into any of these reality shows remember that there is only one thing that can be referred to with the word “IDIOT” in the living room and I don’t mean the T.V!!!

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